Who We Are

Biofuels America, Inc. has been formed by a group of individuals with various backgrounds in renewable energy, economic development, investment banking, and real estate development.  Our combined experience encompasses over one hundred seventy years of experience in developing projects within both public and private sectors.

We are developing a fleet of high technology cellulosic bio-refineries located in multiple states throughout the country.  The process engineering for these facilities is based on proven technology developed by our strategic partner, Pure Lignin Environmental Technolgy (PLET). This proprietary process of de-lignification has been integrated with recently acquired saccharification and fermentation process capabilities, resulting in true state-of-the-art cellulosic biofuel output production.

We have identified sites in the states of Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Georgia for establishing new refineries.  In some instances, we may purchase existing or closed ethanol plants or wood pulp facilities, and reengineer these facilities with our state-of-the-art technology.

Although the production of ethanol is a key driver for all our bio-refinery facilities, the production of other products such as lignin and furfural will provide incremental output from each operation.

Biofuels America, Inc. believes the time has come to improve our nation’s fuel security and provide local agri-businesses with additional new markets, while at the same time reducing green house gasses.  This can be achieved through the expansion of cellulosic ethanol refining capabilities.

We have strategically positioned Biofuels America, Inc. as a major producer of cellulosic ethanol.  Our unique technology, coupled with our strategic partnerships, places our company at center stage of a global theater for the production of alternative fuels.

Community Invovement


It is the policy of Biofuels America, Inc. to directly impact the communities in which we operate.  We plan to contribute up to 1.5% of net pretax profits to each community in which our plants are located.  Specific programs designed for our local constituents are as follows:

Local Resident Scholarship Program

Biofuels America, Inc. will establish a college scholarship program for local high school students.  The students will be eligible for scholarships to any 4-year college or university within their respective states.  Eligibility will be based on academic merit.  One of the long-term objectives of this corporate strategy is to increase the number of minorities and women within the alternative energy industry.  Accordingly, students in these demographic segments will be given priority when looking at eligibility criteria.

Environmental Impact: 

Biofuels America, Inc. shall uphold its ethical responsibility as stewards of the environment.  Given this objective, we will be steadfast in maintaining a policy of “Balance With Nature.”   Specific programs will entail the following:

·        Local School (K-12) Environmental Education

·        Forestry Tree Planting Programs

·        Urban Tree Planting Programs

·       Participation in Vice President Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection

It is the view of Biofuels America, Inc. that not only do we have a corporate accountability, but we also have a moral accountability as stewards for the environment.


Kaye Hook

Sr. VP Adminstrative Services

Biofuels America, Inc.



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